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Premium Motors guarantees

Premium Motors offers its customers maximum reliability in the field of used cars. All our cars are in excellent condition with registered mileage and proven technical history. Before the vehicle is given to the client, a thorough check is carried out, during which overall technical condition is estimated, and all the functions and systems, that the vehicle is equiped with, are checked. When buying a car from us, you will not only get a high-quality and examined car, but also three types of warranty:

Manufacturer's warranty/warranty

When buying a used car from us, the manufacturer's warranty period may last up to 7 years. During this time, the manufacturer is obliged to pay all the costs of repairing defects that appeared during manufacturing and vehicle assembly process, The manufacturer's warranty is still valid, even if the car suddenly changed owner during the warranty period. Manufacturer's warranty is valid worldwide.

Extended warranty/warranty

After the expiration of the manufacturer's warranty, the customer is given the opportunity to purchase an extended warranty, during which all expenses caused by defects that occured during manufacturing and assembling process are covered and eliminnated in service centers of authorized dealers. Extended warranty terms are the same as in the manufacturer's one, with the exception of some nuances that are specified in the guarantee agreement.

Dealers warranty/warranty

Premium Motors guarantees that the technical condition of the cars will meet your specified requirements. We guarantee that the technical condition of the car will be checked at the official auto dealer service centers in Europe and Latvia, the cars will have ransparent history and official mileage.

Get the best protection, by purchasing a car from us!

Mercedes-Benz CLS350
34 000 €
Volkswagen Touran
13 400 €
Volvo S60
17 500 €
BMW 530
11 500 €
BMW 320
17 900 €
40 500 €
Audi A4
12 500 €

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