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Other services

Premium Motors for customers' convenience offers the following additional services!


You are confused in the wide selection of cars, you need  a wise advice about car exploitation? Write or call us, our responsive and experienced professionals will find a way to help you in unusual situations.


Want to receive free financial resources in the shortest possible period of time, then choose car buy up from Premium Motors. By realizing your car, you'll receive the maximum possible sum for which the car can be realized in shortperiod of time. Choosing car buy up, you will receive financial resources that will be transferred to your bank account within few hours. You can get acquainted with a broader description of the services here.


Restore the original appearance of the car and sell it at the highest possible market price. Our certified technicians will diagnose your vehicle and will take care of its visual and technical condition, so it would be as close as possible to perfection. As a result, your car will be realized faster and at a higher price. You will also save time and resources you would spend, by preparing the car for sale by yourself. Car preparation for sale includes:

  • 1. Washing, cleaning and dry-cleaning of cars;
  • 2. Repair and restoration of car's interior;
  • 3. Painting and polishing of cars;
  • 4. Preparation of cars for technical inspection;
  • 5. Elimination of other defects

Evaluation of cars

Within a few hours, our specialists will evaluate your car or other vehicle, and will give you the exact highest possible market price at which it would be advisable to realize the vehicle. Thanks to the years of experience in car realization, our marketing professionals will be able to accurately assess the technical condition of your car, as well as provide you with advices and recommendations on how to realize your car faster and with maximum profit.

Car service center

Premium Motors offers a full automotive repair and maintenance cycle. Professionally equipmed service center allows us to quickly and accurately diagnose, repair and maintain vehicles. Our highly qualified experts regularly update their knowledge about the latest technologies and innovative solutions in the automotive repair industry and will help you to find solutions in a variety of non-standard situations.

Full list of repair services is available here.

Mercedes-Benz CLS350
34 000 €
Volkswagen Touran
13 400 €
Volvo S60
17 500 €
BMW 530
11 500 €
BMW 320
17 900 €
40 500 €
Audi A4
12 500 €

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