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Car realization

FFPremium Motors offers a fast and efficient realisation and buy up of cars in Latvia. Thanks to our experience in the car market and wide number of partners, your old vehicle will be find a new owner in no time. All you have to do is choose between buy up or realisation of the car. We will take care of everything else!

By choosing the vehicle buy up you'll get:

Instant access to financial resources. After agreeing on the price of the car and signing the agreement, money will be instantly transferred to your bank account.

Appropriate price. Our experts will assess the market value of the car and offer the highest possible price for the car.

By choosing to realize a car, you will get:

Free advertising

During the realization, the car will be advertised in the most popular Latvian and European websites, as well as in company's and partner's websites.

Free consultations

We will provide free advice on what is the most appropriate price for your vehicle and for the current market situation.

Safety and piece

You won't have to worry, if there will be any unforeseen incidents during realization of the car. We undertake full responsibility during this process.

Leasing services

By selling the car with us, the new owner of the car will have the opportunity to buy it with the help of leasing, which can significantly reduce time of realization.


You won't have to spend time on meetings with potential car buyers.


We will arrange all the purchase and sale documents for you.

How does car realization is carried out?

    • 1.Our experts evaluate the technical condition of your car and make recommendations on the trading price of the vehicle;
    • 2.An agreement is reached with the client regarding the realization of the vehicle;
    • 3.The vehicle is delivered to our salon and prepared for sale;
    • 4.We provide all the necessary advertising to realize your car in shortest possible time;
    • 5.After the car is sold we will immediately transfer the agreed in the contract amount of money to your bank account.

How does car buy up is carried out?

    • 1.The technical condition of the vehicle is estimated and the highest possible price for the car is offered;
    • 2.Between Premium Motors and the customer a contract on car buy up is signed;
    • 3.After the contract is signed we will immediately transfer the agreed in the contract amount of money to your bank account.
Mercedes-Benz CLS350
34 000 €
Volkswagen Touran
13 400 €
Volvo S60
17 500 €
BMW 530
11 500 €
BMW 320
17 900 €
40 500 €
Audi A4
12 500 €

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