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Cars from Europe

Premium Motors offers its customers delivery of cars from Europe! The service is available for those who have already found a car and wants to arrange its delivery, as well as for those who have not yet made their choice. If you still haven't found a suitable car, we will do it for you! Describe us your wishes, receive offers and choose the most suitable car for yourself!
Apply for the delivery of the car, by filling in a form, calling us +371 20631817 or by writing us an email info@premiummotors.lv. If you choose our services, you will get:


You won't need to spend time and money in oreder to view a huge number of proposals, which often won't be of desired quality and price.


The car market in Europe is much bigger than the local, that will allow you to find exactly what meets all your requirements and is suitable in quality and price.


Before the delivery, it is checked whether the technical condition of the vehicle meets the description, and by using the dealer's official database, client has access to the exact history of the car.


Premium Motors will provide you with the preparation of all formalities and documents, starting from the import duty documents, finishing with the registration of the vehicle in Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) and passingthe vehicle inspection.


After the purchase of the car, you will be provided with after-sales service at authorized dealer's service center in Latvia.


If you do not have enough finances to purchase the desired car, we will help you to get the most favorable leasing for your new car!

How does car delivery is carried out?

  • 1. Client's wishes and needs are determined;
  • 2. From thousands of offers the most appropriate ones are selected for the customer;
  • 3. Customer chooses a suitable car;
  • 4. The quality of selected car is checked through secure and reliable sources of information;
  • 5. The car is delivered to Latvia;
  • 6. Quality and safety test is carried out;
  • 7. All the necessary documents are prepared and car registration are carried out;
  • 8. The car is issued to the customer.

Itš that simple! Premium Motors!

Mercedes-Benz CLS350
34 000 €
Volkswagen Touran
13 400 €
Volvo S60
17 500 €
BMW 530
11 500 €
BMW 320
17 900 €
40 500 €
Audi A4
12 500 €

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